TC - Recent final revised papers

Deglaciation of the Caucasus Mountains, Russia/Georgia, in the 21st century observed with ASTER satellite imagery and aerial photography   
M. Shahgedanova, G. Nosenko, S. Kutuzov, O. Rototaeva, and T. Khromova
The Cryosphere, 8, 2367-2379, 2014
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  16 Dec 2014
Are seasonal calving dynamics forced by buttressing from ice mélange or undercutting by melting? Outcomes from full-Stokes simulations of Store Glacier, West Greenland   
J. Todd and P. Christoffersen
The Cryosphere, 8, 2353-2365, 2014
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  16 Dec 2014
Inferred basal friction and surface mass balance of the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream using data assimilation of ICESat (Ice Cloud and land Elevation Satellite) surface altimetry and ISSM (Ice Sheet System Model)   
E. Larour, J. Utke, B. Csatho, A. Schenk, H. Seroussi, M. Morlighem, E. Rignot, N. Schlegel, and A. Khazendar
The Cryosphere, 8, 2335-2351, 2014
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  15 Dec 2014
Estimating the volume of glaciers in the Himalayan–Karakoram region using different methods   
H. Frey, H. Machguth, M. Huss, C. Huggel, S. Bajracharya, T. Bolch, A. Kulkarni, A. Linsbauer, N. Salzmann, and M. Stoffel
The Cryosphere, 8, 2313-2333, 2014
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  12 Dec 2014
Assessing spatio-temporal variability and trends in modelled and measured Greenland Ice Sheet albedo (2000–2013)   
P. M. Alexander, M. Tedesco, X. Fettweis, R. S. W. van de Wal, C. J. P. P. Smeets, and M. R. van den Broeke
The Cryosphere, 8, 2293-2312, 2014
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  11 Dec 2014
Glacier topography and elevation changes derived from Pléiades sub-meter stereo images   
E. Berthier, C. Vincent, E. Magnússon, Á. Þ. Gunnlaugsson, P. Pitte, E. Le Meur, M. Masiokas, L. Ruiz, F. Pálsson, J. M. C. Belart, and P. Wagnon
The Cryosphere, 8, 2275-2291, 2014
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  10 Dec 2014
Study of a temperature gradient metamorphism of snow from 3-D images: time evolution of microstructures, physical properties and their associated anisotropy   
N. Calonne, F. Flin, C. Geindreau, B. Lesaffre, and S. Rolland du Roscoat
The Cryosphere, 8, 2255-2274, 2014
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  05 Dec 2014
Corrigendum to "A new approach to mapping permafrost and change incorporating uncertainties in ground conditions and climate projections" published in The Cryosphere, 8, 2177–2194, 2014   
Y. Zhang, I. Olthof, R. Fraser, and S. A. Wolfe
The Cryosphere, 8, 2253-2253, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 15 KB)   Corresponding Article   

  03 Dec 2014
Post-LIA glacier changes along a latitudinal transect in the Central Italian Alps   
R. Scotti, F. Brardinoni, and G. B. Crosta
The Cryosphere, 8, 2235-2252, 2014
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  02 Dec 2014
Seasonal cycle and long-term trend of solar energy fluxes through Arctic sea ice   
S. Arndt and M. Nicolaus
The Cryosphere, 8, 2219-2233, 2014
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  28 Nov 2014
Processes governing the mass balance of Chhota Shigri Glacier (western Himalaya, India) assessed by point-scale surface energy balance measurements   
M. F. Azam, P. Wagnon, C. Vincent, AL. Ramanathan, V. Favier, A. Mandal, and J. G. Pottakkal
The Cryosphere, 8, 2195-2217, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1263 KB)   Discussion Paper (TCD)   

  27 Nov 2014
A new approach to mapping permafrost and change incorporating uncertainties in ground conditions and climate projections   
Y. Zhang, I. Olthof, R. Fraser, and S. A. Wolfe
The Cryosphere, 8, 2177-2194, 2014
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  27 Nov 2014
First-year sea ice melt pond fraction estimation from dual-polarisation C-band SAR – Part 2: Scaling in situ to Radarsat-2   
R. K. Scharien, K. Hochheim, J. Landy, and D. G. Barber
The Cryosphere, 8, 2163-2176, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 6398 KB)   Discussion Paper (TCD)   

  25 Nov 2014
First-year sea ice melt pond fraction estimation from dual-polarisation C-band SAR – Part 1: In situ observations   
R. K. Scharien, J. Landy, and D. G. Barber
The Cryosphere, 8, 2147-2162, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 3221 KB)   Discussion Paper (TCD)   

  25 Nov 2014
Detailed ice loss pattern in the northern Antarctic Peninsula: widespread decline driven by ice front retreats   
T. A. Scambos, E. Berthier, T. Haran, C. A. Shuman, A. J. Cook, S. R. M. Ligtenberg, and J. Bohlander
The Cryosphere, 8, 2135-2145, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 2845 KB)   Supplement (4654 KB)   Discussion Paper (TCD)   

  24 Nov 2014
Sensitivity of the Weddell Sea sector ice streams to sub-shelf melting and surface accumulation   
A. P. Wright, A. M. Le Brocq, S. L. Cornford, R. G. Bingham, H. F. J. Corr, F. Ferraccioli, T. A. Jordan, A. J. Payne, D. M. Rippin, N. Ross, and M. J. Siegert
The Cryosphere, 8, 2119-2134, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 6027 KB)   Discussion Paper (TCD)   

  24 Nov 2014
Combining damage and fracture mechanics to model calving   
J. Krug, J. Weiss, O. Gagliardini, and G. Durand
The Cryosphere, 8, 2101-2117, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1547 KB)   Discussion Paper (TCD)   

  20 Nov 2014
Snowmelt onset over Arctic sea ice from passive microwave satellite data: 1979–2012   
A. C. Bliss and M. R. Anderson
The Cryosphere, 8, 2089-2100, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 761 KB)   Supplement (5669 KB)   Discussion Paper (TCD)   

  20 Nov 2014
Hydrostatic grounding line parameterization in ice sheet models   
H. Seroussi, M. Morlighem, E. Larour, E. Rignot, and A. Khazendar
The Cryosphere, 8, 2075-2087, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1280 KB)   Discussion Paper (TCD)   

  17 Nov 2014
A statistical approach to represent small-scale variability of permafrost temperatures due to snow cover   
K. Gisnås, S. Westermann, T. V. Schuler, T. Litherland, K. Isaksen, J. Boike, and B. Etzelmüller
The Cryosphere, 8, 2063-2074, 2014
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 1694 KB)   Discussion Paper (TCD)   

  14 Nov 2014