Journal Subject Areas

The journal subject areas are defined by the following index terms below. These terms represent the keywords to be chosen for assignment of submitted manuscripts to individual editors.

Alpine Glaciers Bolch, Fountain, Gagliardini, Gudmundsson, Hanna, Howat, Kääb, Klein, Radic, Sharp, Stokes, Vieli
Antarctic Bamber, Dominé, Gagliardini, Gudmundsson, Haas, Hanna, Holland, Howat, Klein, Larour, Marsh, Schneebeli, van den Broeke, Vieli, Warren
(ex Greenland)
Bolch, Eicken, Haas, Hagen, Kääb, Sharp, Stroeve, van den Broeke, Warren
Atmospheric Interactions Boike, Dominé, Haas, Hanna, Radic, van den Broeke
Biogeochemistry/Biology Sharp
Climate Interactions Bamber, Bolch, Dominé, Haas, Hanna, Holland, Kääb, Radic, Sharp, van den Broeke, Warren
Data Assimilation Larour
Energy Balance Obs/Modelling Bamber, Boike, Fountain, Hanna, Larour, Lipscomb, Radic, Sharp, van den Broeke, Warren
Field Studies Boike, Bolch, Dominé, Eicken, Haas, Holland, Howat, Sharp, Vieli
Frozen Ground Boike, Bolch, Gruber, Kääb, Zhang
Geomorphology Bolch, Kääb, Klein, Stokes
Glacier Hydrology Fountain, Hagen, Hanna, Howat
Glaciers Bolch, Fountain, Gagliardini, Gudmundsson, Hagen, Hanna, Howat, Kääb, Klein, Larour, Radic, Sharp, Vieli
Glacigenic Sediments O’Cofaigh
Greenland Bamber, Gagliardini, Gudmundsson, Hanna, Holland, Howat, Larour, van den Broeke, Vieli, Warren
Ice Cores Tison
Ice Physics n/a
Ice Sheets Bamber, Gagliardini, Gudmundsson, Hanna, Howat, Larour, Lipscomb, Stokes, van den Broeke, Vieli
Instrumentation Dominé, Haas, Howat
Mass Balance Obs Bamber, Bolch, Fountain, Haas, Hagen, Larour, Radic, Sharp, van den Broeke
Mountain Processes Bolch, Grube
Natural Hazards Bolch, Eicken, Gagliardini, Gruber, Haas, Kääb
Numerical Modelling Gagliardini, Gudmundsson, Hanna, Holland, Larour, Lipscomb, van den Broeke, Vieli
Ocean Interactions Eicken, Feltham, Haas, Hanna, Holland, Tison
(including Former Ice Reconstructions)
Planetary Ice Hanna, Schneebeli, Warren
Remote Sensing Bolch, Eicken, Bamber, Haas, Hanna, Kaleschke​, Kääb, Klein, Sharp, Stokes, Warren, Zhang
Rheology Feltham, Gagliardini, Larour
Sea Ice Eicken, Feltham, Haas, Hanna, Kaleschke​, Stroeve, Tison, van den Broeke, Warren
Seasonal Snow Brown, Dominé, Klein, Marsh, Schneebeli, Warren
Snow Chemistry Dominé
Snow Hydrology Brown, Marsh, Schneebeli
Snow Physics Dominé, Haas, Schneebeli, Warren
Subglacial Processes Fountain, Hagen, Howat, Sharp, Stokes, Tison, Vieli
Tropical Glaciers Kääb, Klein, Sharp, Warren