Farewell to Hilmar Gudmundsson and Welcome Christian Haas

Only about a decade after its foundation, The Cryosphere has established itself as a benchmark journal in the field. The journal's success can be traced back to the founding editors, who recognized the potential of an open-access journal in glaciology more than 10 years ago. With Hilmar Gudmundsson one of the last editors from the early days of the journal is now stepping down.

In the last two years, TC has experienced several changes among its editors after the founders of TC have successively retired from their positions. In particular, Jonathan Bamber, Michiel van den Broeke, and Stephan Gruber ended their chief editor roles for TC after many years of valued work for the journal. At the recent EGU General Assembly 2018, Hilmar Gudmundsson also stepped down as co-editor-in-chief. He also counts as an early key figure for the journal, since he joined TC as a topical editor as early as 2007. A few years later in 2010, he became co-editor-in-chief and maintained this role until 2018. We would like to thank Hilmar deeply for his years of dedication to TC and his efforts to shape the journal and help it attain the international standing it has today. We wish him all the best for his next step and are also delighted to announce Christian Haas as new co-editor-in-chief. In addition to his internationally recognized expertise in sea ice physics, Christian has acted as a topical editor for TC for several years. We are therefore convinced that his knowledge and experience will benefit TC greatly in the coming years.

Florent Dominé, Olaf Eisen, Christian Hauck, and Thomas Mölg
TC Co-Editors-in-Chief